The hazel tree


The hazel tree, or Corylus Avellana, is used here for making necklaces and bracelets with therapeutic virtues. It is a small tree from 3 to 8 meters high, depending on varieties. We find it in the plain, collins and mountains, up to 1700 meters, all over France excepted on the Mediterranean coast.

It often  grows in forest edges and undergrowth, near water, on acid and carbonated lands.

This pure wood is collected by myself at the foot of the Alberes, in the respect of its protection. The Alberes stretch over from the Perthus to Port-Bou and Lancia in Spain, running by Argeles sur Mer ; they are the most oriental part of the Pyrenean chain.

Everything is used in the hazel tree : leaves, catkins, bark, fruits and branches. These highly flexible rods, which can serve as links, were also used to make baskets, fishing rods, bows...

Used in ancient times by American Indians as a source of food and for its medicinal properties, and also by druids and by our great grandmothers,  the hazel tree wood helps to neutralize the excess of acidity  absorbed by contact with skin.
Thus it regulates the PH of the body.

Hazel tree prevents and relieves:

Headaches, heartburn, gastric reflux, constipation, skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis), arthritis, osteoarthritis ...
And other small problems in babies as pain due to teething, rash, diaper rash, skin rashes.

Its properties are manifold:

Anti-inflammatory - Anti-oxidizing - Astringent - Anti oedematous - Anti-diarrheal -
Anti-hemorrhagic, anti-sweat.

But, purifying diet, antipyretic, vasoconstrictor, healing,,,
Also used against fevers, obesity, varicose veins, phlebitis, epistaxis, and to heal wounds.

 Worldwide recognized for its therapeutic properties, the hazel tree wood will, like many other gifts of Mother Natur
e, offer you and make you enjoy its benefits.
And the association with the mineral, among others is simply perfect!