Their virtues

Each stone presented here is unique and will offer, in association with the wood, a better life both physically and emotionally.
Follow your intuition Clin d'œil ....Choose exactly the stone which suits you the best for its color or its virtues! 

Virtues and benefits

Rock crystal

Relieves diarrhea and vomiting, fights balance disorders and dizziness, joint problems soothes, relieves headaches, stimulates glandular activity.

Mentally: Made up memories, reduces the feeling of guilt.


Quiet headaches, migraines, quiet gastric pain due to irritation, helps the liver and pancreas. Resolves burns, poisonings and fighting addictions, acts on gout and uric acid levels. Stimulates the pituitary acts on skin problems. Brings a calm sleep. Stimulates metabolism in general.

Mentally: Promotes meditation, spirituality. Calm anxiety, anger, hysteria. Stabilizes mental disorders. Stimulates imagination, creativity. Promotes serenity. Strengthens memory.

Turquoise africaine 1


Activates the immune system, acts on the ENT system, calms the hypertention, strengthens the glands, soothes eczema.

Mentally: Supports hypersensitive consolidates logical thinking. Lets emotional control, enhances concentration.


Green aventurine

Problem skin, acne, Eczema, stimulates nerve tissue. Favorable to growth, help in heart diseases. Enhances regeneration, calms nervousness and stress,

Mentally: Promotes self-control, calms anxiety, anger, fight against depression.

Rose quartz

Acts on the heart, blood circulation and blood vessels. Reduces scarring and bruising, promotes fertility.

Mentally: Contact with opening allows to externalize, helps to relativize the emotional trauma.



Vitalizes blood, relieves allergies. Heals wounds and injuries, acts on joint inflammation. Strengthens the immune system, quiet psoriasis. Relieves sleep disorders, acts on gastric spasms.

Mentally: Relieves emotional wounds, quiet jealousy, anger.


Regulates the digestive system (liver, bladder, intestines ...) recommended in case of decalcification (bone structure, teeth). Acts on rheumatism, osteoarthritis, fight addictions, acts on cystitis.

Mentally: it helps to clarify the mind.

Aventurine orange
Howlite 1
Jaspe paysage 2


Stimulates the circulatory system, relieves pain associated with bowel and digestion, calm asthma, soothes rheumatism, promotes fecundity.

Mentally: Facilitates concentration, gives vitality and energy, calms anger.

Red jasper

Promotes blood circulation and healing acts on hormonal disorders.

Mentally: Remedies at lack of confidence, fights aging morally, promotes bodily expression.


It strengthens the general condition of the body, stimulates the replenishment of blood and cells toning red blood cells. Promotes arterial and venous circulation and the oxygen absorption. Acts on circulatory disorders, reduces varicose veins, bruising subsides, haemorrhoids. Quiet bleeding, promotes healing, regulates menstrual flow. Strengthens the lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, facilitates sleep and deep sleep comes on diabetes and joint inflammation.

Mentally: Promotes progress, commitment, achieving the objectives. Stimulates the fighting spirit, courage. Restored peace, harmony, self-listening, self-confidence and optimism. Soothes, relaxes, refreshes, de-stresses, reduces mood mistakes. Brings vitality, energy, dynamism. Revitalises, purifies, regenerates.