What a nice association, natural and complementary,  when using minerals, stones and crystals together with the hazel tree wood.

Lithotherapy concerns the virtues and benefits of stones as chromotherapy, which uses the energy of the colors or the magnetization are all three of alternative medicine which can be used for adults and children.

Nevertheless, regarding "magnetic" stones like the hematite, be careful, due to magnets, they cannot be used neither for pregnant women nor for those having a pacemaker or defibrilator.

Magnetization is really excellent to use and very powerful, but only limited and within a short period
... otherwise that could cause disorders. So in my opinion it is not a good thing to associate it with the hazel wood which, as for it, can be worn every day.
That is the reason why you will not find any association of magnetic hematite with necklaces or bracelets in the list below.

Please note that the details shared on this page are juste given for information and not intended to replace a medical treatment.

And now you are going to find hereunder Sourire the virtues and benefits of stones.